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  • Coding The Awesome Way
  • Learn to create games and play them with friends
  • 1-on-1 personalized teaching
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10-class program
1-on-1 classes
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7 - 14 year olds
50 min per class
$160 total. Sign up with a friend & get 15% OFF.
100% guaranteed! Get a full refund before the 2nd class if you’re not satisfied.
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Learn Coding Through Creating Games

At 1on1Coding we believe programming should be anything but boring.
Check out these kids working through their first 1on1Coding game.
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"Our 1on1Coding teacher makes an incredible amount of effort to INDIVIDUALIZE my daughter's classes"

"I wanted to make sure my daughter is ready for the future. Over her summer vacation, I wanted her to be productive, maybe learn a new skill. This program was referred to me by a friend and I wish I found it sooner! Their Child Success Specialist was able to create a personalized curriculum just for her. The coaches keep me updated on her progress and their scheduling is very flexible. I also feel at ease knowing the coaches are trained and qualified to teach. This program is very worth it. I highly recommend it!"

Shriya S, Mom to 7 year Prisha

MIT Ph.D, Health Sciences and Technology


Teachers bring 
the knowledge

We guarantee that your child is in safe hands. We strive to maintain a safe, fun and nurturing atmosphere in our classes that are being taught by experienced teachers who love teaching, and truly endeavour to teach children to love learning.

Students program their own games

True learning comes from self discovery. Throughout the coding process, students are encouraged to tackle problems creatively. Our teachers are their best friends and they don't only guide them but also motivate them!
Our teachers provide a plethora of games and applications personally coded for the students. The process of understanding and replicating the functions provides a challenging and rewarding experience that encourages them to be great problem solvers all while having fun!
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"It's amazing to see them programming games all by themselves!"

"Now when she started she had zero knowledge in coding. So you bet I was surprised when she first showed me this ball game she made a week later! I asked her how she did it and she goes on and explains it with so much enthusiasm! The teachers at 1on1Coding really know how to make learning to code fun and enjoyable!"

Michael K, Dad to 7 year old Sophie and 10 year old Thomas
Civil Engineer

Jumpstart Your Child's Learning Beyond The Classroom

Among Our Customers Surveyed:


reported an increase in confidence at school

Increase Confidence


reported their child thinks more creatively



reported an improvement in the way their child tackles problems

Logical Thinking
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What Parents Are Saying


"An incredibly fun way for kids to get an early start in programming!"

"It's being an eye-opening experience for me to watch what my kid is capable of. And it has definitely been a confidence-building experience for James. I can only recommended 1on1Coding!"

- Gillian L, Mom to 12 year old James

Mom to a 10 yr old
Vallejo, California

"I thought it would be difficult for my son but after every session he tells me about the new game they're working on and how much fun he had..."

Dad to a 9 yr old
London, UK 

"The lessons are so convenient because they can be done in the comfort your own home and the teachers are flexible with the scheduling..."

Dad to a 12 yr old
Boulder, Colorado

"...The program is personalized according to his level and they make sure that he's progressing. The list of projects he makes by himself keeps growing. And he's implementing all these strategies and principles... ...Thank you 1on1Coding!"

Dad to an 8 yr old
Queenstown, NZ

"...I enjoy seeing the excitement in his face when he's about to show me his new project/game/application. I want my kids to be able to have modern skills you know. And 1on1Coding manages to ignite this passion in him to code. The teachers have managed to make him curious in how the games work. He's also very excited for every lesson. I highly recommend this program. "

Dad to a 13 yr old
Osaka, Japan

"..The teachers are really friendly. They make my daughter feel comfortable while learning.."

Dad to a 10 yr old
Dubai, UAE

"In about 3 months he learned more about coding than 1 year in school. He tells me how in depth the lessons are and is very excited to do them..."

Mom to a 11 yr old
Winnipeg, Canada

"...They managed to make the lessons engaging but educating at the same time. She looks forward to every lesson!"

Mom to a 9 yr old

"What I like about 1on1Coding is that they send us a feedback after every lesson. It keeps us informed on how he's doing. I also like how easy it is communicate with the coaches. We had an emergency one time and they were really understanding. The lesson was rescheduled and we weren't charged for it!... ."

Mom to a 12 yr old
Mumbai, India

"My son has ADHD so he can't keep his attention for a long time. We've had difficulties in finding a good program online. But I'm so happy when I found 1on1Coding. I can see the coaches are very talented in being able to sustain his attention for a long period of time. He wakes up at 5 am to be able to attend his classes at 6 am during weekends. So you can see how much he loves 1on1Coding...'"

Dad to a 9 yr old
Davao, Philippines

" ...I liked how personalized the sessions are! They use games that he would like. And they talk about his favorite TV Shows and characters. The coaches take their time and reiterate the topic at hand if they see the child is struggling. The coaches are really patient with him and I can tell they are very skilled in coding! I wish I found 1on1Coding sooner! "

Mom to a 10 yr old
Tokyo, Japan

"...I have no background in coding but I wanted my child to learn a useful skill over his summer break, I'm elated to have found 1on1Coding. It was a fun, educational and rewarding experience for my son. They have motivated him to code in his free time! Thank you 1on1Coding!..."

Mom to a 13 yr old
New Delhi, India

"Coding was really new to him. I taught that we would stop after a month but here we are 1 year into the program. This sparked an interest in programming and he's even teaching his friends at school how to code...The effort the coaches take to make the lessons fun and engaging is unbelievable. They play small games, chit chat about his favorite movies etc. This is definitely worth every penny. Highly recommend! "

Mom to a 11 yr old
San Jose, CA

"...The coding subject at school was really boring for him. So we tried this program. I'm thankful I did because after 4 months into the program he still wants to meet with his favorite coach online. The games he creates are really impressive. It made me wish I had this opportunity when I was a kid. Almost every week he has a brand new project he wants to show me and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for helping him find passion in coding..."

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